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hand painted blue and white plate

We feature Polish Pottery made in the small town of Boleslawiec located in the South-West of Poland from the most renowned ceramics maker in the region: Ceramika Artystyczna. This unique artistic and functional pottery is handmade and hand-painted. All works are chip and scratch resistant and can be safely used in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers.

Ceramika Artystyczna Cooperative of Boleslawiec, Poland was established in 1950 to rebuild and continue pottery production that was interrupted by World War II. Through the centuries this region has been valued for the fine white clay found along the basin of the Bóbr and Kwisa rivers. Today over 200 artisans continue to perfect and refine centuries old methods that predate the discovery of the Americas. Since 1950, disciplined product design coupled with best practices and concern for the environment have produced resilient and durable kitchenware and tableware that are lead and cadmium free, safe for daily use and able to withstand reasonable temperature fluctuations presented by ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Ceramika Artystyczna stoneware is most fully appreciated by close examination and use. One can see the attention to detail, the skilled human touch of applied color, feel the bright glass-like surface that seals and protects the creamy white clay beneath. Lyrical motifs are inspired by traditional Polish decoration that include peacock’s eye, local flowers and geometric designs. Strong product design, thoughtful understanding of local clays, ISO certified methods and sequential kiln firing at over 2400 degrees Fahrenheit produce structural strength, a rock hard surface that gleams and is easy to wash. One benefit is that baking dishes cook evenly without hot spots and routinely come clean without soaking.

Antique Boleslawiec stoneware is highly collectable, and can be found in many antique shops, museums and private collections throughout Europe. Whether for daily use or for special occasions, the durability, safety and aesthetic appeal make Ceramika Artystyczna stoneware an excellent choice.